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- How do you feel about Joe?

I leave it short and sweet.

I love him. Simple as that. I mean, he’s just amazing in every way. I have no words. He’s so asdfghjkl;

- really, who, if you don't mind me asking.

Of course I don’t mind. He would be the one. :)

Can I get anons?

I know I’m no Justin, but I mean, I’m pretty swag, so.

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- Hey Demi! How are you? You're my inspiration in this moment.What do you say to yourself for be strong and feel beautiful?

Hello! I’m incredibly sleepy. I hope you’re doing great, though. Fans like you keep me going to be that inspiration, so thank you!

In order to keep myself feeling beautiful, I look in the mirror and tell myself that yes, I am beautiful. I do matter. I mean, sometimes I believe it and sometimes I don’t but it definitely helps. To stay strong I don’t look back. I live for now and refuse to let anyone get in the way of that. If I look back, I’ll only find the mistakes I’ve made. Looking now, I see the lessons I have learned and how I can keep going on. But just remember that it’s okay to get weak sometimes, it’s okay to fall apart. Just get back up once you’ve fallen down. Stay Strong, love.

Come to my ask. I’m here for you. As a friend, a helper, a listener. I’m here for you.

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You guys should ask me anything about anything. Seriously.

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- Awwww, you ARE to me hun honestly :D Please remember that :) <3333 -Aaron

I always find it hard to believe that I’m pretty in the slightest, but thank you. I’ll remember it.

Any questions at all? Cause I need something to do to keep me awake

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- You are my princess, babe. If you ever feel like everybody's letting you down, just call me.. whatever, I'll be there.. I always be here. You can always use my shoulder, because I'm never gonna leave.

Thank you, love. I’m just a little depressed, that’s all. Or maybe a lot. I just might need to relax. I hope that’s all it is. But thank you for being here, for always being here.

- Dems. Let's talk I'm bored. :(

Awwh, I’m sorry, love. 

What’s up?