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Anyone wanna talk? Or does anyone need help? Or anything at all? 

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Believe it or not, I’m here for you all.

I don’t and won’t judge you on the things you do. I’m not in the place to judge anyone else because I am no perfect angel and I don’t know your story. But if you do ever need me, I’ll be right here. All the time. I’m more than happy to help all of you.

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- omg that made my life. thank you. jesus

You’re welcome. ;)

Can I get anons?

I know I’m no Justin, but I mean, I’m pretty swag, so.

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- im new, can you help me?

Oh, of course, love. :)

Go follow the stunning Bieber, okay? He shall be your new BFF cause IDK what’s coming next. Dunno what my life is right now, but just go follow da Biebz.

- hey beautiful

Hello amazingly gorgeous.



- how are you so pretty demi!!

I can’t really answer that. I mean, my parents sort of got together and well, you know. Yeah. But you know? You’re just as pretty. Stay strong, love. xx

- Hey Demi! How are you? You're my inspiration in this moment.What do you say to yourself for be strong and feel beautiful?

Hello! I’m incredibly sleepy. I hope you’re doing great, though. Fans like you keep me going to be that inspiration, so thank you!

In order to keep myself feeling beautiful, I look in the mirror and tell myself that yes, I am beautiful. I do matter. I mean, sometimes I believe it and sometimes I don’t but it definitely helps. To stay strong I don’t look back. I live for now and refuse to let anyone get in the way of that. If I look back, I’ll only find the mistakes I’ve made. Looking now, I see the lessons I have learned and how I can keep going on. But just remember that it’s okay to get weak sometimes, it’s okay to fall apart. Just get back up once you’ve fallen down. Stay Strong, love.

Come to my ask. I’m here for you. As a friend, a helper, a listener. I’m here for you.

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